‘The Profit’ Says the Big Flag Stays Even If He Goes to Jail

Gander RV is being sued by the city of Statesville, North Carolina because the flag is larger than city code allows.

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Image via Jennifer Munday/Camping World, AP

This article was republished here with permission from The Associated Press, however it is no longer available to read on Snopes.com.

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The man known as television’s “The Profit” says he’ll go to jail rather than bow to a lawsuit and remove a huge American flag flying over one of his company’s recreational vehicle stores. The flag in question, which measures 40 feet by 80 feet (12 meters by 24 meters) on a 130-foot (39.6-meter) flagpole, is at Gander RV in Statesville, North Carolina. The city of Statesville is suing the company because…

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