Amazon is taking part in a collection effort for Goodwill. See Example( s )

Collected via e-mail, December 2016

Can you look into the claim that Amazon is participating in a collection for Goodwill, allowing customers to print out labels from the website




While shoppers should always be aware of the prevalence of scams (particularly during the holiday season), a new partnership involving is legitimate.

Give Back Box founder Monika Wiela told us that the online retailer is now taking part in her company’s program, through which Amazon buyers can reuse boxes for sending donations to Goodwill Industries locations in their area.

Give Back Box’s web site allows buyers to create and print their own labels, which can be dropped off at United Parcel Service or United States Post Office locations to be shipped at no charge. The company also states that donors can arrange to have their packages picked up at home, and that they can get a receipt for their donations that they can use for tax purposes.

Amazon is not the only shopping website partnering with Wiela’s company. Give Back Box has similar relationships with other retailers like and Levis, among others. Wiela said that more than 200,000 boxes have been sent out through the program over the course of the past year.

In the strictest terms, Amazon and Goodwill are not partners. However, the online retailer is part of a relationship allowing buyers to give items to the latter company and get a tax benefit in the process.