A Hearty Thank You, Readers

You may not believe us, but we truly don't exist without you.

Published Nov. 21, 2022

The past year at Snopes may well go down as its most momentous in 27 years. We said goodbye to some cherished colleagues seeking new adventures. But we also promoted and advanced others, all while tackling one of our most complex investigations on record — in the midst of an ongoing pandemic and an unusually consequential midterm election, no less. 

And then the biggest event of all: the settlement of a five-year lawsuit that helped strangle us financially. Now under new ownership, Snopes is undergoing what can only be described as a massive re-set. I like to think it could well be our renaissance period, a time of re-birth, new glory, and tantalizing initiatives.

And in the end, we have you to thank. Thank you, readers, for hanging in there with us through the drama. Thank you for your story ideas and constancy and valentine notes of appreciation. You make my heart swell. 

I fell in love with journalism in the sixth grade. Call me crazy, but I believe when done right, our work is a priceless public good. 

To all of you, here's to a Thanksgiving filled with love and gratitude.

And truth.

— Doreen Marchionni, executive editor/managing editor

Doreen Marchionni is Snopes' executive editor/managing editor. She's a big fan of public-powered news agendas and team-based, bottom-up newsroom management.