Membership & Mementos: 2022 Snopes Challenge Coin Drive

Snopes COO Vinny Green is sounding off with a one-of-kind opportunity to take our fact-checking mission even further.

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Dear Reader,

I have a challenge for you. I want to enlist you for an ambitious effort to bolster and its news operation. Are you with me?

About me: I serve as the Chief Operating Officer of Snopes Media Group, and I’m passionate about our mission. I spend my days supporting this beloved publication in ways large and small — mostly behind the scenes. Today, I am reaching out to let you know about a new opportunity I am especially excited about launching.

Before Snopes, I was a non-commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps. For better or worse, the Marine Corps has instilled in me many skills, capabilities, and know-how that have become quite handy at Snopes. (Not so helpful: my ability to fold bed sheets with hospital corners.) 

Vinny Green as a new Private First Class with his mom on Family Day before boot camp graduation. Parris Island, South Carolina

My military background gave me an idea for a new, creative way to fund our mission at Snopes. To support the fight against misinformation, I’m bringing out a command classic: the challenge coin

A challenge coin is a collectible, prized memento of choice for so many renowned organizations, like the Marines. A challenge coin carries a certain symbolic weight — a sense of shared mission and commitment to a cause. To receive one from a friend, colleague, or commander is to cement a moment for eternity. 

With your help, I’d like to start a Snopes challenge coin tradition that will endure for a lifetime and serve as a financial foundation for our future. 

If we dare to report the news and print the facts, we will need to fund a robust and sustainable business that can take care of its allies and troops. We need to enlist those who care about the cause in this effort.

I’m reminded that despite an expansive Department of Defense (DOD) budget, fundraising was an acquired skill in the Marines. Like donning a gas mask or fixing a radio, raising money for the cause was a constant during my enlistment. We were always looking for ways to fund our snack room or “soda mess,” and find ways to support the Family Readiness Officers’ latest cookout. 

Now in the spirit of those learnings, we’ve released the first-ever Snopes challenge coins for your collecting pleasure! If you pledge just $100 today, you will receive a Snopes Lifetime Membership and a limited release, 2022 Enduring Member collectible coin. We’re committed to casting exactly 7,500 coins this year.

Less than 0.001% of our monthly readers can claim this discounted lifetime membership and lasting memento. If we can sell out of all 7,500, we will raise a staggering $750,000 for the Snopes mission. 

I’m eternally grateful for your support. Please join this exclusive group of supporters taking action today.

Semper Fidelis,