About the Bundle

When we launched our membership program in time for 2020 we deemed our initial supporters as Founding Members. We delivered a digital badge, enamel pin, and sticker of the Founding Member badge signifying participation in that campaign.

We want to continue expanding the badge system with our community to show appreciation to those supporting us year after year. If you supported us in the past, you'll be issued the digital edition of that year's badge. To claim the latest badge, we need your participation this year as well.

For those who want to get physical, we are bundling a lifetime membership to Snopes.com with a collectible coin version of this year's badge as an experiment.

As part of our membership drive and future yearly efforts to grow our community, we will cast a limited number of metal badges for our supporters who appreciate mementos.

If you’re already a member, you are still able to participate by making a purchase. Our team will help you rehome the additional lifetime membership at your request. 

About the Coin

To align with our fundraising goals for 2022 and increase the value of this already discounted Lifetime Membership, we've committed to only making casting 7,500 collectible coins. We will mint and ship the coins by the end of the year, with new coins available each year if there's interest. 

Here's the breakdown of the coin's plating options and distribution available this year: 

  • Iridescent — 375 (5%)
  • Black — 750 (10%)
  • Gold — 1,125 (15%)
  • Silver — 1,500 (20%)
  • Copper — 3,750 (50%)

We are providing a lifetime membership valued at $150 with purchase. The plating options have no impact on the value of the coins. We made a choice to limit the production and assign the distribution.

If you miss out on these collectibles, we will have stickers and patches available for purchase from our store and included in other membership bundles.

If less than 10% of the coins are reserved, we will provide a refund or a gift option from our store to anyone not satisfied with the other membership perks.

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