Despite Our Litigious Opposition, You Keep Us Fact-Checking

Our legal opposition is persistent, but not as much as your support.

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Dear Readers,

Your direct support is the foundation of our sustainability and resilience.

Unfortunately, we continue to have to expend precious resources on dealing with litigants who persist in harassing us despite repeatedly losing in court. They have tied us up for nearly four years now, continually retreading the same ground.

In these past six months alone, and in the midst of the most challenging news cycle in recent history, we’ve had to deal with cease and desist demands, an appeal to federal court by our opposition, and disruptive maneuvers from within our own Board of Directors.

We’ve continued to engage legal counsel to defend us in these actions. Additionally, we intend to enlist additional professional support to parse out what we can share with you about our ongoing litigation. Our future updates will more thoroughly document the continued injurious actions by our opposition. It is information you deserve, and we are committed to transparency.

In the meantime, we need your backing so we can continue our robust fact-checking efforts related to COVID-19 and the 2020 U.S. presidential election — and what could be another contentious post-election period.

Here’s how to help:

With your direct support, we can remain focused on original reporting and fact-checking while our legal counsel aggressively works to secure justice and restitution from our opposition on our behalf.

Thank you, and let’s keep fact-checking together!

Truthfully yours,

Team Snopes