Want to Stop Hate? Fund Facts, Not Facebook

We have a plan for what should come next.

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Dear Readers, 

Despite several years’ worth of public clamor for reform, Facebook — from our vantage point — has done little but begrudgingly undertake superficial changes to address the hate and misinformation proliferating on its platform. We have first-hand experience dealing with Facebook’s callous indifference to the real-world consequences of its business model.

We participated as a Facebook fact-checking “partner” for two years before we abandoned the role, sensing that the program effectively served as a public relations effort for Facebook, not as a genuine attempt to combat misinformation. When we pressed for changes, Facebook made it clear it was not interested in our suggestions.

Our investigative reporting has exposed vast networks of scammers and political schemers engaged in coordinated inauthentic behavior on the platform. Facebook’s lack of cooperation and quiet deletion of the networks we’ve discovered plainly demonstrated it was unwilling to acknowledge the public harm enabled by its indifference.

We are relieved to see Facebook’s half measures and obfuscation tactics to address hate and misinformation are no longer being tolerated.

Since June 17, 2020, a coalition of organizations including the ADL, Color of Change, Common Sense, Free Press, the NAACP, and Sleeping Giants launched the Stop Hate for Profit campaign to demand accountability from Facebook and target its most cherished stakeholder: advertisers. During the month of July, over 400 online advertisers are hitting pause on Facebook to demand greater action against harmful content.

We stand with Stop Hate for Profit.

Snopes is imploring businesses to support the Stop Hate For Profit campaign and put truth and decency above profits.

Furthermore, to the businesses risking their bottom lines to stand in solidarity against Facebook’s practices, we ask you to go even further: Stop funding Facebook and start funding facts.

The team at Snopes is ready to bridge the gap between businesses that advertise online and publishers who deserve direct support. Help us encourage businesses to invest their ad dollars in vital alternatives to Facebook: the credible news publishers and fact-checkers struggling to survive.

Join us as we build upon this pivotal moment in the global struggle against hate speech and misinformation. Visit Start Funding Facts and Stop Hate for Profit to learn more.

Truthfully yours,

David Mikkelson, Founder and CEO
Vinny Green, COO
Doreen Marchionni, VP of Editorial
Ryan Miller, VP of Advertising

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