Opposition Drops Anti-SLAPP Appeal

The latest in the legal battle that has threatened Snopes for more than two years.

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In January 2020, three months after they appealed our successful anti-SLAPP motion, our legal opponents have elected to withdraw their appeal.

It’s just another turn in the long and winding and frustrating road that has been this legal battle.

Throughout this case, the opposition has continually pushed us to expend considerable time and money preparing to defend ourselves against numerous legal maneuvers, only to change course and render those efforts moot, as they have done here. We expect these “scorched earth” tactics will continue unabated until trial.

That is why we still need your support.

In July 2017, Snopes launched a GoFundMe campaign to help us continue operating while the ongoing lawsuit threatened our company’s existence. Tens of thousands of generous supporters contributed to that effort, and many more have since joined us as Founding Members.

Unfortunately, our opponents worked to undermine our fundraising efforts by suing us over the GoFundMe campaign, wrongly claiming it was defamatory and fraudulent. Helpfully, California has protections in place to prevent these meritless SLAPP suits from decimating parties like us. (If you haven’t yet, watch this helpful John Oliver explainer.)

We prevailed in getting those additional claims against us thrown out of court via California’s anti-SLAPP statute, which was enacted to protect the rights of petition and free speech from being stifled by litigation.

We are now asking the court to order the reimbursement of our legal fees related to this portion of the case. Our opponents still have an active appeal against Snopes Founder and CEO David Mikkelson’s personal anti-SLAPP victory.

Thank you for your continued support. We’ll keep you posted on all future updates.

Truthfully yours,

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