Legal Update: New Trial Date Scheduled

An update on the legal saga that has threatened Snopes for more than two years.

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Dear Readers,

We had hoped to be finished with litigation by now.

In fact, we wanted to go to trial back in 2017, when this whole saga began. And when that didn’t happen, we wanted to go to trial in 2018. And when that didn’t happen, we wanted to go to trial in 2019.

We knew, given the opportunity to present all of the evidence to a jury, we would set the record straight and put this frustrating chapter behind us for good.

But after more than two years of legal wrangling by Proper Media and their principals — including numerous failed motions before the court and several changes of counsel — they have sought a third continuance that would push the trial date out yet again for another year to eighteen months.

Fortunately, the judge in our case did not agree and rescheduled the trial for the soonest available date. Unfortunately, that date is still nine months out, so the trial we were expecting in fall of 2019 is now slated to begin on June 5, 2020.

We are crestfallen that this story is not coming to its rightful end sooner. There is so much important work to which we would prefer to give our undivided attention. That being said, we know our case is strong and that the truth will prevail, eventually.

Over the next nine months, we will work hard as ever on bringing you the best version of we can.

We have some exciting new releases planned, including, among many other things, improving our search engine and revamping our contact forms to make it more efficient for readers to submit tips and other queries. We are also launching a membership program to reward readers like you who make crucial, sustaining contributions (More on that soon!).

And, of course, we will be busy fact-checking. No matter what.

We may be forced to tread water for a while longer in a slow and expensive legal holding pattern, but thanks to our amazing community, we will not drown.

Your support means more than ever as we keep fighting.

Truthfully yours,
Team Snopes