Let's Make Fact-Checking Even Better

We are rolling out several new features at to help our trusted fact-checking fight harder against misinformation.

Published Aug 16, 2019

Dear Readers,

Because of your support, Snopes not only continues the essential fact-checking work we are known for, we are developing and executing fresh ideas to serve our readers better.

Let's see what's new:


A fresh way to experience Snopes archives, this feature lets our team curate stories into themes that are easy to read and share on any device. They look pretty swish, too, if we do say so. Check out the latest here.


Labeled Satire helps us better distinguish content that could be considered satire or humor from other forms of misinformation — without acting as the “joke police.” (Read our founder’s thoughts on why Snopes covers satire and humor at all.)

Fact Check Templates

New tools allow our writers to produce some fact checks more quickly so they can focus more attention on greater investigative projects.


You’ll soon see more of these handy items near the bottom of more articles. A cross between an attachment and a footnote, they offer valuable insight and context on common references we make, while saving our writers time they would have spent writing repeat explanations.


We’ve improved how we announce our open positions. And yes, there are some open now.

Behind the scenes, we addressed site-performance issues reported by readers (thanks for your patience!) and gave staff more controls to improve efficiencies.

Have a look around and let us know what you think.

And expect to hear more from us as we roll out even more improvements in coming months.

Truthfully yours,

P.S. Notice that urgent red banner at the top of your screen? We chose “danger” red because a lawsuit is still threatening Snopes. Read the latest on our GoFundMe page.


Why We Include Humor and Satire in