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We think you’ll be pleased.

Published Jun 20, 2019

Dear Readers,

Some good news: Several hard-working people in our newsroom have been promoted.

Despite challenges Snopes and the entire industry may face, we believe now is the time to continue investing in our team. Because now is always the time to bring you the best possible version of Snopes. Part of that is acknowledging and honing team members’ strengths.

When you tell us you depend on Snopes, as many of you have, you really depend on people like these:

Liz Donaldson, moving from Communications Clerk to newsroom Editorial Assistant. Liz has tirelessly managed a firehose of site email for us over the years. Now her wicked institutional knowledge is needed in other places, namely overseeing story updates and archival renovations and backfilling on other core editorial jobs.

David Emery, moving from Senior Reporter to Story Editor. A fantastic writer and line editor, David will continue to write the Daily Debunker newsletter and the occasional deep historical fact check. But he’ll also help shepherd a variety of content moving across numerous streams.

Alex Kasprak, moving from Writer to Senior Writer (with an emphasis on investigations). Alex has consistently identified and executed high-caliber investigations, often at rocket speed and with incredible poise and a collaborative spirit.

Jordan Liles, moved from Video Producer to Operations Editor previously, but we want you to know about his important behind-the-scenes work. This change better reflects what Jordan actually does on the daily for our newsroom, which includes pinch-hitting on many different jobs, including tracking story leads. That said, he’s still producing some stellar videos.

Please join me in congratulating them all and learn more about our entire team here.

Truthfully yours,
Doreen Marchionni
Managing Editor,

Doreen Marchionni is Snopes' executive editor/managing editor. She's a big fan of public-powered news agendas and team-based, bottom-up newsroom management.

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