Imagine a World Without Snopes ...

To see fact checking survive and thrive, we must invest in it together.

Published Apr 3, 2019 has always been available to the public free of charge, largely thanks to advertising. Unfortunately, operating -- let alone expanding -- our newsroom on advertising revenue alone is increasingly challenging.

The current media environment devalues reliable journalism, while online platforms have allowed misinformation to flourish. This environment is toxic to democracy, and we can neither wait for others to fix the problem nor tackle the issue alone. That is why we are now inviting our readers to subscribe to our first-ever paid membership program to help us expand our impact and grow to meet the challenges we face.

Not only will your membership come with the satisfaction that you are supporting the talented and ambitious team at, it will also qualify you to access new members-only benefits and features that we will be developing and releasing.

Most important, you will join a growing community of discerning readers who want to see evidence-based analysis and transparent sourcing become the rule and not the exception in public discourse.

If you'd like to support through a paid membership, please sign up for updates at no immediate cost. If you have generously supported us with a financial contribution in the past, you will receive special consideration when we launch, but leave us your email anyway so we can make you aware of new and future benefits.

Optionally, take our survey to let us know what membership “perks” might interest you.

Misinformation is spreading everywhere online, all the time ... sometimes even hidden in plain sight.

But on the bright side: Millions of readers visit each month. Imagine what we could build if we work together.

Thank you for your continued readership and support. We will be in touch with more details soon.

David Mikkelson

David Mikkelson founded the site now known as back in 1994.

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