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What we did, how we did, and what readers liked best, according to the numbers. Plus, that time we were on TV!

Published Dec 27, 2018

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2018 was the year of “Truth isn't truth,” laurel versus yanny, the false missile alert in Hawaii, and the infamous mic grab. It was also the year national attention zeroed in on what families and children face at the southern U.S. border, a rare 'firenado' roared over already devastating wildfires in California, and the country’s scourge of deadly mass shootings showed no signs of relenting.

Does it feel like it’s getting harder to discern reality from fiction … or to read the news at all? Take heart. is (and always will be) here for you, calling fouls, clarifying details, and uncovering truth.

Notable Numbers

At our last count in 2018 we found our team, which you could fit in two minivans, reported, wrote, edited, and reviewed:

    • 1,658 Fact Checks
    • 285 News stories
    • 3,757 Updates

What we mean by "updates": On top of investigating current headlines and memes bubbling up in your timeline today, our team works daily to ensure our material remains current, accessible, and relevant for the fact checkers of tomorrow.

Behind the scenes’s development team performed 2018 code commits in 2018, no joke. (Update: Make that 2020 and counting.) These efforts vastly improved our processes and site speed while implementing a framework that will allow us to rapidly launch new features (read: cool stuff coming soon). We also cleaned out 25 years of accumulated cruft in the codebase. In total, we added 668,604 lines of code and removed 1,453,382.

Inbox Zero? Not Exactly

At last count we received…

  • 172,190 reader emails using our contact form.
  • 972,204 comments in our Facebook group
  • 36M+ searches on

Readers supply countless tips that support our reporting and topic selection. Send us a tip any time.

Look, Ma! We’re on the News!

A selection of mentions in news media coverage.

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Special Thanks To...

Students at the University of Washington’s Information School whose sponsored project for crowdsourcing misinformation, “Making Sense of Misinformation at Scale,” won the program’s 2018 Research Award.

Some Things We May Never Fully Understand

We’ve seen a lot, but we never saw these questions coming.


This year we learned false claims spread faster than the truth on social media. Help us slow that trend. Support our daily, dogged fight against disinformation and make a direct contribution to today.

‘Fauxtography’ We Couldn’t NOT Click On

Some of our most popular visual fact checks.

And Then There Was This:

Most Popular Trump-checks Reported This Year

Readers love to fact-check our Tweeter-in-Chief.

Desperately Seeking ...

Recent visitor queries on our site search engine. (Uh, no comment).

  • Are aliens real
  • Red peacock
  • Sex
  • Soy sauce cleanse
  • Snake swallows salad tongs
  • My dad won the powerball
  • Is Goofy a cow
  • A woman can make a difference in your stress levels

Reader Comments We Won't Soon Forget

More than 5,000 readers made direct contributions to support our work this year. Some thoughts they shared with their gifts:

Thank you for existing. And particularly for fact-checking the claim that existing laws require separating children from families.

Thank you for helping me cope with my anxiety when it comes to the situation in Yellowstone super volcano.

Thanks for providing a light in the darkness.

Thank you for the Christine Blasey Ford research clearing her name from false accusations. The article was impressively thorough.

Thanks for all that you do! Have I really be going to for over 20 years now?!

Thanks for pointing out the Harley Davidson CEO 'moron' quote was fake. I hate Trump but we must always be truthful.

thank you!! you followed up on the Starbucks thing, where 2 black men were egregiously arrested! way to go!

The Internet needs you.

I really like your Daily Debunker - saves me from searching when I am sure something is false that friends have fallen for!

As a retired judge I appreciate your neutrality, and your straightforward presentation of facts. Thank you.

God Bless Snopes.

Looking Ahead

Will Mueller’s Russia investigation lead to more indictments and prison terms in 2019? Could the field of potential Democratic presidential nominees get any bigger? Can we ever eat Romaine again without cringing?

We have insufficient data to make any sound predictions, but, come what may, we will be there for our readers, debunking bogus claims spreading on social media and beyond.

Thank you for reading and supporting Here's to a happy, healthy, and fact-full 2019.

Bond Huberman is a former editor for Snopes.