Biggest Urban Legends of 2014

A list of the 25 urban legends that circulated most widely in 2014.

Published Dec 31, 2014

This page compiles the 25 urban legends that circulated the most widely on the Internet in 2014, as determined by frequency of access, user searches, reader e-mail, and media coverage.

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    Facebook Messenger

  1. Report that use of the Facebook Messenger app requires user acceptance of many privacy-violating conditions.

    Breast Rash

  3. Photograph shows a breast rash caused by South American larvae.

    Drink Up

  5. Report that the minimum legal drinking age in the U.S. is being raised to 25.


    NASA Blackout Warning

  6. NASA announcement that a multi-day worldwide blackout will occur in December 2014.


    Talking Angela

  7. Warning that the Talking Angela app unsafely prompts children to provide personal information about themselves.


    Dogs and Ice Water

  8. Warning that giving your dog ice or ice water on a hot day is likely to cause it to die from bloating and spasms.

    PINned Hopes

  10. Claim that entering your PIN in reverse at any ATM will summon the police.

    Facebook Privacy Notice

  12. Rumor states that posting a legal notice on your Facebook wall will protect your copyright and privacy rights.

    Wrongful Discharge

  14. Image captures a cheerleader defecating in mid-air as her horrified teammates watch.

    Collapsing Currency

  16. Report that the U.S. dollar will officially collapse after 1 July 2014 due to the implementation of H.R. 2847.

    Microchip Off the Block

  18. Rumor claims health care legislation requires that U.S. residents be implanted with RFID microchips.

    Swap Meat

  20. Report that an Oklahoma City McDonald's outlet was caught with horse meat and human meat in their freezers.

    Full of Bull

  22. Claim that Red Bull and other brands of energy drink contain bull semen.

    Will Smith Death Hoax

  24. Rumor that Will Smith died during surgery following an accident.

    Dolphin Hunt

  26. Photographs show a Calderon dolphin hunt taking place in Denmark.

    Remains to Be Seen

  28. Image shows a fourth-grade science quiz about 'Dinosaurs: Genesis and the Gospel' from a South Carolina school.

    Black Friday

  30. Claim that the term "Black Friday" originated with the practice of selling off slaves on the day after Thanksgiving.

    Breast Chancer

  32. Florida woman Jasmine Tridevil claimed she underwent surgery to add a third breast.

    Tube Stakes

  34. Claim that colored squares on toothpaste tubes identify the composition of the toothpaste enclosed therein.

    Ebola Victims Return to Life

  36. Report that two female Ebola victims resurrected as their corpses were being transported for burial.

    Oil Pulling

  38. Claim that swishing plant oils in your mouth has been proved to ameliorate a variety of medical ailments.

    ALS 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Donations

  40. Claim that most of the $100 million raised from ALS 'Ice Bucket Challenge' donations didn't go to ALS-related research and services.

    Two-Striped Telamonia Spider

  42. Warning that venomous 'two-striped telamonia' spiders are lurking beneath toilet seats in public restrooms.

    Sandy Hook Hoax

  44. Video claims that the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School were a staged hoax.

    Tupac Shakur Murder

  46. Report that rapper Sean Combs was arrested in connection with the murder of Tupac Shakur.

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