Urban legends about weddings and newlyweds.

The beginning of a couple's life together as husband and wife marks an important turning point in each of their lives, but the event is also seen as having a happy impact on the rest of society. A new family is created out of what moments earlier were two independent entities, and that's magic. The happy couple's passage through the portal to married life somehow reaffirms all that's right and good in the world, even to the non-participants.

Both weddings and the subsequent carryings-on of newlyweds fascinate us. Considering the importance of the ceremony itself and our paternal interest in the newly married, it's no wonder so many nuptial and newlywed stories have worked their way into lore.
Embarrassments Embarrassments
If it can go wrong on your special day, it will.
Horrors Horrors
Disaster and tragedy strike, even at weddings.
Newlyweds Newlyweds
The beginning of married life provide ample opportunities for surprises and mishaps.
Wedding Customs Wedding Customs
The folklore and superstition surrounding weddings.

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