Urban legends about marital tragedies and weddings gone awry.

A wedding is a happy and joyous occasion, but it's a serious and solemn one as well. The wedding ceremony is one of our most powerful representations of our hopes and dreams, so it is symbolically important that every aspect of the occasion be carefully planned and every last detail be perfect. All of which makes things especially traumatic and embarrassing when events go awry ...

Red bullet Rice thrown at weddings is dangerous to birds.*

White bullet The 1867 wedding of a princess and a duke was marred by tragedy on an unprecedented scale.

Red bullet Bride dies after wearing wedding gown once used to dress a corpse.*

White bullet Bride's inflamed eye is caused by body louse from a male stripper.

White bullet Bride kidnapped on her honeymoon turns up years later as a mutilated freak in a sex show.

Red bullet Bride dies after being bitten by a snake while posing for wedding photos.*

White bullet The corpse of bride who disappeared on her wedding day is found in a locked trunk years later.

White bullet A vengeful Muslim wife does in her husband's new wife by hiding a scorpion in the bride's wig.

Red bullet Groom is suffocated by a stripper's massive breasts.*

Red bullet Swollen fingers caught in titanium wedding rings have to be amputated.

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