Urban legends about wedding embarrassments.

A wedding is a happy and joyous occasion, but it's a serious and solemn one as well. The wedding ceremony is one of our most powerful representations of our hopes and dreams, so it is symbolically important that every aspect of the occasion be carefully planned and every last detail be perfect. All of which makes things especially traumatic and embarrassing when events go awry . . .

White bullet Bridesmaid catches heel in grate while walking down aisle.

White Bullet White bride gives birth to black child nine months after wild bachelorette party.

White bullet Bride (or groom) whose prospective spouse slept with the maid of honor (or best man) humiliates cheater by spreading news of the infidelity to the wedding party, then walking out.

Green bullet Bride and groom are arrested after fighting over cake-feeding custom.

White bullet Theft of bride's father's wallet is captured on film.

White bullet Wrong Robin Hood theme is used as processional music.

Green bullet Wedding video includes scenes of camcorder owner having sex with his dog.*

Green bullet Jilted woman upends bucket of wet manure onto bride.

Green bullet Bride smacks groom about and hits him with wedding cake.

White bullet Groom's indiscretion with a bachelor party stripper is revealed by his failure to remove the condom.

Yellow bullet Bride-to-be sends over-the-top list of instructions to her attendants.

Red bullet Letter to 'Dear Abby' details an unusual test posed to a young man by his fiancée's parents.

Green bullet Newlywed Game contestant gives unintentionally hilarious answer to a question about "making whoopee."*

White bullet Bride's mix-up results in an embarrassingly inappropriate Bible verse being inscribed on her wedding cake.

Green bullet Drunken bride's attempt to hang up her wedding dress results in hotel evacuation.

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