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Home --> Weddings --> Wedding Customs

Wedding Customs

Numerous ordinary activities have minor superstitions attached to them, but nowadays the average person travels through life unaware of these folk beliefs. That is, until somebody gets married.

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White bullet Wedding cake superstitions and traditions.

White bullet Wedding dress superstitions and lore.

White bullet Numerous superstitions about the journey to the church.

White bullet Wedding ring superstitions.

White bullet Superstitions and cautions about choosing the wedding date and time.

White bullet Wedding veil superstitions.

White bullet An explanation of the custom of barring the newlyweds' way.

White bullet Wedding bell lore and superstitions.

White bullet The significance of confetti (and rice) explained.

White bullet Bridal garter traditions.

White bullet The bridal bouquet, plus other "next to marry" divinations.

White bullet A collection of superstitions and lore concerning shoes and weddings.

White bullet Smock weddings — a way to escape debts?

White bullet Why the bride is carried over the threshold.

White bullet Superstitions and lore about bridesmaids.

White bullet About the custom of the groom's not seeing the bride prior to the ceremony.

White bullet Assorted wedding superstitions.

White bullet Under a law known as the droit du seigneur, medieval noblemen had the right to spend the first night with newly-wedded brides.

White bullet Custom allows marriage-minded gals to propose to their boyfriends on February 29.*

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