Foreign Relations

Urban legends and folklore about cultural differences.

Modern travel allows us to come into contact with a variety of cultures from all over the globe. Although people may be alike wherever we go, some of our differences in customs or pronounciation can lead to amusing and potentially embarrassing situations.

White bullet Tourist in foreign country brings home a stray dog, then learns it's actually a rat.*

White bullet Tourist picked up outside foreign hotel avoids criminal fine by buying prostitution license.*

White bullet Society dame's foreign medallion identifies her as a prostitute.*

White bullet Cultural differences lead to humorous incidents.

White bullet Tourists dining at a Chinese restaurant are served a dish made from their own dog.*

Red bullet Imported cactus explodes and spews baby tarantulas everywhere.*

Red bullet Pronunciation problems plague exchange between traveler and room service in Far East hotel.

White bullet List of snappy answers to dumb Olympics-related tourist questions.

White bullet Turkish airline produces a hilariously garbled English translation of their rules and regulations.*

White bullet New residents in unfamiliar housing circumstances adapt in unusual ways.

Multi-colored bullet Every night, Swedish people participate in the "Flogsta scream " at 10 or 11 PM.

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