Air Apparent

Urban legends and folklore about airline travel.

Oh, the joys of airline travel: hundreds of impatient travellers crowded into an enclosed space for hours on end with no room to stretch out. Under such conditions of confinement, almost anything can happen ...

White bullet An obnoxious airline passenger demanding special treatment gets more than he bargained for.

Red bullet Pilot locks himself out of the cockpit and has to use a fire axe to get back to the controls.

White bullet Airplane pilot's risqué comment into open mike is overheard by passengers.*

Green bullet Between 1988 and 2006, a man lived at a Paris airport.

Red bullet A passenger on a trans-Atlantic flight was stuck to an airline toilet for more than two hours when flushing it created a vacuum that sealed her bottom to the seat.

Multi-status bullet Writing "Fast. Neat. Average." on a piece of paper and passing it to a flight attendant will get you invited up to visit an airliner's cockpit.

Green bullet A clever consumer earned a lifetime of free air travel by cashing in on a Healthy Choice pudding promotion.*

White bullet Airplane maintenance crews log humorous responses to pilots' problem reports.

White bullet Flight crew makes humorous in-flight announcements to airline passengers.

Green bullet A man soared three miles above Los Angeles in an "aircraft" consisting of a lawn chair tethered to helium weather balloons.

Green bullet Airline passenger's in-flight comments describe disadvantages of being seated directly across from the plane's lavatory.

Red bullet The purpose of the 'crash' or 'brace' position is to kill passengers quickly and painlessly in the event of an airliner crash.

Green bullet Concrete arrows guided early airmail pilots across the country.

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