A collection of urban legends about the sport of golf.

Red bullet Golf courses have 18 holes because a bottle of Scotch contains 18 shots.

Red bullet The word golf is an acronym formed from "Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden."*

Red bullet A Palm Beach golfer was devoured by a large crocodile.*

White bullet Irate golfer throws golf bag into water hazard, then drowns trying to retrieve his keys.*

Green bullet Golfer is fatally poisoned from chewing on his tee.*

Red bullet Arnold Palmer's wife told TV host Johnny Carson that she kisses her husband's balls for luck.*

White bullet Wily old golf pro wins impromptu driving contest by hitting his ball on an airport runway.

White bullet POW who played imaginary golf each day during his captivity finds upon his release that he's markedly improved his game.

White bullet Legendary player rewarded by sultan with gift of a golf club.

Red bullet Pro golfer Phil Mickelson lost $200,000 wagering with his golfing partners, then tried to get out of paying up.

Green bullet Golfer frustrated by the bad shot he made is killed by the club he threw away.

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