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Home --> Sports --> Football --> I Am Legend Prediction

I Am Legend Prediction

Claim:   A movie accurately predicted the winner and score of of Super Bowl XLII.

Status:   False.

Origins:   When the Florida Marlins took the 1997 World Series (an outcome deemed improbable at the time, at least by those who didn't place much stock in a recent expansion team), some fans of the game were inspired to see in a 1989 film a prophecy of that very event. They cast their gaze to a scene in Back to the Future II that supposedly predicted that result. (It didn't, but that's another story.)

Ten years later, the rumor that an unlikely sports result could be accurately prognosticated by a popular film — albeit in a different sport and predicted by a different movie — shivers on the brink of coming true.

Just as the Marlins weren't supposed to triumph in the 1997 World Series, the New York Giants weren't supposed to get to the Super Bowl XLII. The 3 February 2008 match-up between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots is also a touch improbable, given that the Giants were 7.5 point underdogs to the Green Bay Packers going into the NFC Championship Game. Yet, point spread to the contrary, the Giants prevailed, snatching the NFC title with a 23-20 overtime victory over the vaunted Pack, thus earning themselves a Super Bowl berth.

I Am Legend screenshot

The 2007 film version of I Am Legend is the third onscreen adaptation of the 1954 Richard Matheson novel of the same name, its two previous onscreen
forays being 1964's The Last Man on Earth and 1971's The Omega Man. According to those who have viewed the screenshot displayed above, this movie that reached theaters in December 2007 has "predicted" the outcome of the upcoming Super Bowl XLII (even though the film, confusingly, is set in 2009 but references events that took place in the past). Near the beginning of the Will Smith vehicle I Am Legend, a screen crawl devoted to sports appears beneath a commentator giving the news broadcast. Says that crawl: "Giants lose to Patriots for second time this season 23 to 7."

Intriguingly, since the Giants and the Patriots are not in the same conference, the only way they could play each other more than once would be via a regular season match-up (which due to interconference scheduling happens only once every four years) followed by a Super Bowl rendezvous, which was the case for the 2007-08 season: the Patriots bested the Giants 38-35 on 29 December 2007 and then took on New York in The Big Game on 3 February 2008.

However, although one part of the "prediction" came true in that the Patriots did indeed meet the Giants for a second time in the 2007-08 season through both teams' reaching Super Bowl XLII, the Patriots did not come away the winners, nor was the final score the 23-7 tally that flashed on-screen during the I Am Legend news crawl. The New York Giants were the victors by a 17-14 margin.

Barbara "Sunday told the tale" Mikkelson

Last updated:   3 February 2008

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