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Urban Legends (1999)

Urban Legends
WHAT'S AN URBAN LEGEND? It's a tale so deliciously tasty that you desperately want it to be true even though you suspect it's just too good not to be false.

Rumors used to move at the speed of sound, but our communications technology has hastened the spread of urban legends to the speed of light. You get them in faxes, in voice mail, in e-mail. You hear them on the radio. Your read them in hundreds of gossip columns. There's just one problem. They're not true.

Urban Legends comes to the rescue. This is the new book by nationally syndicated Chicago Sun TImes columnist Richard Roeper. It is a comprehensive, enlightening, entertaining look at hundreds of stories that have no basis in fact -- no matter how many people swear otherwise.

Imagine a world where James Dean really did give a Harley to Elvis and Neil Armstrong really did issue a secret message to his old neighbor when he set foot on the moon. But, as Richard Roeper says in the introduction, "The truth should count for something, shouldn't it?"

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Urban Legends
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