Inside Star Trek: The Real Story
Inside Star Trek: The Real Story (1996)

Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

With the Star Trek memoirs of James Doohan (Mr. Scott, the engineer), virtually all the most visible and audible members of the original ST crew will have deposed. Solow and Justman represent the space opera's behind-the-scenes cohorts, of whom far fewer have been heard. Solow was the Desilu studios vice-president who sold ST to NBC and oversaw production thereafter, while Justman was the series' associate producer (essentially analogous to the role of stage manager). Their take on the show is loaded with -- surprise! -- production details and trivia. The most amusing of the latter include Desilu owner Lucille Ball's early impression that ST was about entertainers doing a USO tour of the South Seas and NBC censors' many stern warnings about the open-mouthed smooches Captain Kirk laid on every curvaceous guest alien -- stern warnings that Bill Shatner kept right on ignoring. The presentation of Solow and Justman's testimony is a little peculiar: each speaks in the first person in sections labeled "Herb" or "Bob" that are tied together by a third-person continuity that seems the work of neither of them. This is not, however, peculiar enough to dent the appeal the pair's recollections -- more nuts-and-bolts than any of the actors' so far -- bear for deep-dyed Trekkers. Stock up accordingly.

This title is no longer in print.

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