. . . And Jerry Mathers As 'The Beaver'
. . . And Jerry Mathers As 'The Beaver' (1998)

 . . . And Jerry Mathers As 'The Beaver'

Baseball, Apple pie, and . . . "The Beaver." As Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver, Jerry Mathers is the icon of an era that holds a special place in all our hearts -- whether we're old enough to remember it in prime time or fell in love with it in reruns. Now, in his warm and revealing autobiography, he presents his own history -- as a child actor as well as in the years following his role as "The Beav." Featuring funny and warm reminscences from both his real and TV families, Mathers reveals intimate details about his childhood; living life as America's favorite kid, his struggle with dyslexia, his most embarrassing moments on the set, his relationships with cast members Hugh Beaumont, Barbara Billingsley, Tony Dow, and Ken Osmond, those Vietnam rumors, and more.

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 . . . And Jerry Mathers As 'The Beaver'
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