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Curses! Broiled Again! (1989)

Curses! Broiled Again!
From the master folklorist and sly wit, Jan Brunvand, comes a collection of all-new urban legends. Did your cousin's wife's dentist's daughter tell you about her best friend who went to the tanning parlor once too often and had her insides cooked (the title story)? Has your husband's brother's nephew told you the story about the lady who tried to make a dead rabbit look alive ("The Hare Drier")? If so, you've heard -- or you yourself may have told -- two of the seventy-plus legends in this collection.

Urban legends are "those bizarre but believable stories about batter-fried rats, spiders in hairdos, Cabbage Patch dolls that get funerals, and the like that pass by word of mouth as being the gospel truth." But of course, though often told by a FOAF (friend of a friend), they aren't true. Included in this collection are legends about sex, horror, cars, business, and academia. Among them are "The Bible Student's Exam," "The Pregnant Shoplifter," "The Ice Cream Cone Caper," "Don't Mess with Texas," and "Mrs. Fields' Cookie Recipe."

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Curses! Broiled Again!
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