Paul Harvey's For What It's Worth (1992)

Paul Harvey's For What It's Worth
Paul Harvey is the most listened-to radio personality in America. Millions of loyal listeners tune in every week to hear his unique blend of news and views. Now the man who brought us The Rest Of The Story brings us the humor behind the headlines in this hilarious collection of truth-is-funnier-than-fiction stories. Told in Paul Harvey's unique, inimitable, and unforgettable style, here are stories that will tickle you, touch you -- and just plain make you laugh out loud, such as . . . the jogger who quit running because the wind kept putting out his cigarette, the man who fell into a tree stump and had to be rescued by forest rangers, the nude sunbather on the hotel roof who accidentally stretched out over the dining room skylight, the woman karate expert who stopped a purse snatcher cold -- by hitting him over the head with her umbrella, the man who resigned himself to deafness for twenty years -- until he discovered his hearing aid was in the wrong ear. From wacky want ads to riotous run-ins with the law, from embarrassing moments at home and work to the frank and funny things kids say, Paul Harvey's For What It's Worth celebrates human eccentricity in all its infinitely amusing variety.

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Paul Harvey's For What It's Worth

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