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Spiders in the Hairdo (1999)

Spiders in the Hairdo
This modest collection of urban myths assembles 50 brief stories from modern oral tradition. Commonly attributed to FOAFs (friends of a friend), they are intriguing and often frightening tales passed along in casual conversation. These tales are the substance of modern folklore, an evolving treasury of evanescent narratives. From the famous Vanishing Hitchhiker to incredulous tales of alligators in the New York City sewer system, these stories are alive in the modern information dynamic newspapers, hearsay, Internet exchanges, schlock movies. Entries are grouped into such self-explanatory chapters as Say What? Language Barriers and Scams and Conspiracy Theories. An amusing anthology of our collective imagination, fears, and humor, this is a book for all audiences: young, old, scholarly, and just curious.

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Spiders in the Hairdo
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