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The Baby Train (1993)

The Baby Train
America's premiere folk detective is back on the case, sniffing out those zany but dubious stories that "really happened" to a friend of your sister's boyfriend's accountant's mechanic. Jan Harold Brunvand -- "Mr. Urban Legend" -- tracks the most fabulous tales making today's cocktail-party circuit and shows why those stories that sound too good to be true probably are too good to be true.

The Baby Train offers a revealing peek behind the story of "The Exploding Bra"; exposes the embarrassing source of "The Hairdresser's Error"; resurrects a "Failed Suicide" Buster Keaton would have died for; and shows why adults are better off not bringing their comic-book fantasies out of the closet. From "Superhero Hijinx" to "The Shocking Videotape" to "The Accidental Cannibal," The Baby Train uncovers the mysteries behind some of the bawdiest, goriest, funniest, most pyrotechnic urban legends yet.

The eponymous episode -- "The Baby Train" -- sheds light on certain predawn activities that have linked unusually high birth rates to the whim of train schedule-makers. Hottest legend of the year? -- undoubtedly "The Toothbrush Story." A couple is robbed while on vacation; the only items not stolen, two toothbrushes and a camera. When the film is developed, they discover . . .

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The Baby Train
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