Scientific urban legends.

She blinded me with science!

Multi-colored bullet A blind girl "saw" the flash of the first atomic bomb test.

Green bullet Consumers need to be cautious that water boiled in a microwave oven can suddenly "explode."

Red bullet No Nobel Prize is awarded for mathematics because Alfred Nobel's wife had an affair with a mathematician.

Red bullet A special compound added to the water in swimming pools will reveal the presence of urine.

Red bullet Pouring salt water into their coin slots will induce vending machines to dispense free product.

Red bullet Eelskin wallets demagnetize credit cards due to leftover charges from the electric eels used to make them.

Red bullet Tapping the side of a soda can will prevent its contents from foaming over when you open it.

White bullet FAA instructs British train engineers in the proper use of a chicken cannon.

Green bullet Edison promoted the electric chair in an attempt to discredit rival Westinghouse's plans for alternating current.

Red bullet The number of people alive today is greater than the number of people who have ever died.

Red bullet The Great Wall of China is the only man-made object visible from the moon.

Red bullet Psychologist B.F. Skinner's daughter was traumatized by being raised in a Skinner box and later sued her father.

Red bullet A special property of the equinox allows eggs to be balanced on end that day.

Red bullet The government understates the unemployment rate by counting only people who are receiving unemployment benefits, not all those out of work.

Multi-colored bullet If we could shrink the earth's population to a village of precisely 100 people, that village would resemble the one described in a popular piece.

Red bullet We use only ten percent of our brains.

White bullet More people are killed annually by donkeys than die in commercial airline crashes.

Red bullet The average person swallows eight spiders per year.

Red bullet Hair and fingernails continue to grow after one's death.

Red bullet Men think about sex every seven seconds.

Red bullet Love Bugs are the result of a genetic experiment gone wrong.*

Red bullet Scientists are predicting the sun will explode in less than six years.

Red bullet A penny placed on the tracks will derail a train.

Red bullet The planet Mars will make a once-in-our-lifetimes remarkably close approach to Earth in August 2009.

Red bullet A star named Aderoid will make a remarkably close approach to Earth in June 2010.

Red bullet The Coriolis force determines which direction water spirals down drains and toilets in different hemispheres.

Yellow bullet Unusual geothermic and seismic activity in Yellowstone Park foretells a coming cataclysmic event in the area.

Yellow bullet It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.

Green bullet A lightbulb manufactured in 1901 burns bright to this day.

Red bullet When your cell phone has no signal, dialing 112 will connect you with the emergency call center.

Red bullet Leave a window open slightly during a hurricane to equalize pressure.

Red bullet A planet-dissolving dust cloud will wipe out our solar system in 2014.

Red bullet Dihydrogen monoxide is a dangerous substance that should be banned.

Red bullet A study undertaken by the World Health Organization concluded that natural blondes are likely to be extinct within 200 years.

Red bullet Sneezing seven times in a row is the same as an orgasm.

Red bullet The contents of a few cans of frozen shaving cream will, when thawed, expand to fill an automobile.

Red bullet Water that has been boiled in a microwave oven (then cooled) is harmful to plants.

Red bullet Stars can be viewed during the day from the bottom of a well.

Green bullet Outdoor temperature can be determined by counting the chirps made by crickets.

Red bullet A woman over 40 has a better chance of being killed by a terrorist than of getting married.

Red bullet An egg can be cooked by placing it between two activated cell phones.

White bullet The origins of Daylight Saving Time.

Red bullet An eclipse is going to cause an earthquake which will in turn cause a devastating tsunami on 22 July 2009.

Red bullet Caltech sent its people home on April 12, 2010, warning that an earthquake would strike within two days.

Red bullet Dark circle around moon presages acid rain.

Red bullet The average woman swallows six pounds of lipstick during her lifetime.

Red bullet Rubber tires protect car's inhabitants during lightning strikes.

Green bullet Lightning has injured people taking baths or showers during thunderstorms.

Green bullet A meteor shower will be visible in North America in August 2013.

Red bullet NASA has announced that a three-day worldwide blackout will occur in December 2012.

Multi-colored bullet An alignment of three planets over the Pyramids at Giza will occur in December 2012, an event which takes place only once in 2,800 years.

Red bullet Scientists once proved that bumblebees can't fly.

Green bullet A prominent meteor shower will be visible in late April 2013.

Green bullet A "full pink moon" will be visible on 15 April 2014.

Red bullet Amazing on-line psychic trick can read minds and identify which symbol a user selected from a list of many choices.

Multi-colored bullet A newly synthesized material dubbed the Aquaman Crystal will make it possible for humans to breathe underwater.

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