The Colorado Rockies will sell pot brownies at Coors Field concession stands . See Example(s)

Collected via Twitter, March 2016





In mid-March 2016, social media users began sharing an article reporting that the Colorado Rockies baseball team planned to offering marijuana edibles (like pot brownies) Coors Field concession stands during the upcoming (i.e., 2016) season:

Sources are reporting that Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies plan to sell food items which contain marijuana at concession stands during games next season.

The first item on the list? Pot Brownies.

An official within the Rockies organization stated that the Rockies organization has given the green light to concession stands selling marijuana brownies.

High ranking officials in the Rockies organization say they are thrilled at the new menu item since they note that it will bring in tens of thousands of dollars per month.

The claim wasn’t totally implausible on its face, as Colorado is one of four states — along with Alaska, Oregon, and Washington — that has legalized recreational use of marijuana (although Colorado law doesn’t permit the consumption of pot “openly and publicly,” which would tend to blunt the appeal of selling marijuana at large sporting events). But readers might have noticed the teensy, tiny print at the top of the article in which the item’s publication date was rendered: 28 February 2014. Were there any truth to the report, the altered “altitudes” among Rockies game-goers surely would have made headlines in the ensuing two years between the claim’s initial publication and its recirculation in March 2016.

In fact, this story is totally false, a fabrication promulgated by the Empire Sports fake news site, which has long published sensational yet fake stories to garner social media shares.