Tattled Tales

Urban legends about intercepted sexual communications

It may not be quite as embarrassing as getting caught in the act, but finding out that eavesdroppers have been listening in on our private communications about sexual matters can still be quite mortifying. When we're on the eavesdropping end of things, however, such private revelations can be quite amusing . . .

Yellow bullet Woman's ribald telephone message describing her previous night's date is forwarded all over town.

White bullet Juror mistakes written testimony of rape witness for a personal communication.

White bullet Airplane pilot's risqué comment into open mike is overheard by passengers.

Red bullet Neil Armstrong said "Good luck" to Mr. Gorsky during Apollo 11 moon walk.*

Red bullet NASA shuttle astronauts conducted sex experiments in space.

Green bullet Indiscreet gal reveals in e-mail that her lover's sperm is "yum."

Green bullet Indiscreet guy reveals in e-mail that he's been having a wild time in Korea.

Green bullet Man brags in e-mail about being on the phone with his fiancée while another woman was performing fellatio on him.

Yellow bullet A song by the Beach Boys includes the recorded sounds of in-studio sex.

Multi-colored bullet Advice columnist answers letter from reader concerned about her godson's interest in "camel toads."

White bullet Pranking radio DJ prompts startling admission from joke's intended victim.

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