Mistaken Identities

Sex-related legends involving mistaken identities.

Plots involving partners who end up in bed with each other by mistake are common in literature and legend. In folklore, particularly, these tales often concern the punishment of someone who has committed a sexual "wrong": the person of power who uses his position to extort sexual favors, or the spouse who mistrusts his or her mate's faithfulness without just cause.

White bullet Couple at Halloween costume party accidentally switches partners.

White bullet Cop who busts underage couple is offered his own daughter as a bribe.

White bullet Man receives unexpected inheritance after his friend beds widowed hotel owner.

White bullet Women pulls penis of visiting minister in the shower.

White bullet Woman unzips fly of mechanic working under car.

Red bullet College student's cyber-lover turns out to be her father.

Red bullet French playboy discovers the woman he's been romancing on the Internet for months is his mother.

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