Urban legends about prostitution.

We would expect the world's oldest profession to have engendered some of the world's oldest legends. It has, but here we present a much more contemporary sampling of legends involving prostitution.

White bullet Hooker sent to a john's room turns out to be his daughter.*

Red bullet A policeman solicited by a hooker must answer truthfully when asked 'Are you a cop?'

White bullet American tourist picked up outside foreign hotel avoids criminal fine by buying prostitution license.

White bullet Society dame's medallion identifies her as a prostitute.

Yellow bullet The term 'red light district' came from railway brakemen's lanterns.*

White bullet Professor's remark about prostitutes causes female students to leave class.*

Red bullet Sororities are outlawed on certain campuses because local "brothel laws" prohibit more than a set number of females from living together.*

Red bullet As the big game draws near, legions of prostitutes flock to the city where the Super Bowl is being held.*

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