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We love to repeat rumors about the sex lives of famous people for a variety of reasons: We hold the privileged to higher moral standards than we hold ourselves, so we derive satisfaction from clucking at their foibles. Using a famous person as the subject of a story also lends it an air of immediacy — we may not even know the names of our neighbors, but the faces and habits of celebrities are familiar to everyone. At the same time we see celebrities are caricatures, so we feel free to repeat outrageous rumors about them that we wouldn't dare say of people we know personally. And spreading salacious rumors is a time-honored way of getting back at people we dislike or envy, especially those whom we have no other way of reaching.

Ratings Key

        Green bullet = true
        Red bullet = false
        Multiple status bullet = multiple truth values
        Yellow bullet = undetermined
        White bullet = unclassifiable veracity

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definition of our rating system.

Armstrong, Neil:
Red bullet Astronaut Neil Armstrong said "Good luck" to Mr. Gorsky during his Apollo 11 moon walk.*

Bow, Clara:
Red bullet Actress Clara Bow serviced the entire USC football team at orgies.*

Catherine the Great:
Red bullet Russian leader Catherine the Great was crushed to death while attempting intercourse with a horse.*

Dillinger, John:
Red bullet Gangster John Dillinger's penis is on display in a Smithsonian museum.*

Ellison, Harlan:
Red bullet Writer Harlan Ellison was rebuffed after making a crude remark to a tall blonde woman.

Gere, Richard:
Red bullet Actor Richard Gere had a gerbil removed from his rectum.*

Hefner, Hugh:
Red bullet The number of stars appearing on the cover of Playboy magazine indicated how many times editor Hugh Hefner had slept with that month's playmate.

Hurley, Elizabeth:
Red bullet The latest thing in the world of fashion, thanks to actress Elizabeth Hurley: sequinned pubic hair extensions!

Jagger, Mick:
Red bullet Rock star Mick Jagger was caught with Marianne Faithfull and a Mars bar during a drug raid.*

John, Elton:
Red bullet Rock star Elton John had semen pumped from his stomach after collapsing at a party.*

Mantle, Mickey:
Green bullet Baseball slugger Mickey Mantle sent a crude response when Yankees officials asked him to describe his "outstanding event" at Yankee Stadium.

Stewart, Rod:
Red bullet Rock star Rod Stewart had semen pumped from his stomach after collapsing at a party.*

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