Caught in the Act

Sex is the most private, intimate activity we humans engage in. We're reluctant even to talk about our sex lives, and we find the thought of being watched by others while "in the act" to be profundly disturbing and embarrassing. We fear observation in the bedroom as the greatest violation of our personal privacy we can imagine; the legends below are expressive of that fear.

White bullet Naked woman inadvertently invites her husband to "come and get it" in front of party guests.

White bullet A cup of tea left by a bedside proves Mom saw her son masturbating.

White bullet A missing gravy ladle proves hanky panky is going on.

Green bullet Couple is caught taking risqué pictures in an amusement park photo booth.

Red bullet Police officer catches man pleasuring himself with a pumpkin.

Green bullet Upon having her snapshots developed, a traveler discovers her camera has been used to take risque photos.

White bullet Young couple is surprised by party guests while engaging in sexual play.

White bullet Trailer tent collapses at campground, exposing couple engaged in intercourse.

White bullet A couple who return to the hotel where they honeymooned are shocked to discover their wedding night activities were videotaped and made available to other guests.*

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