Urban legends involving adultery.

Adultery is one of many sexual activities that violate our social mores, and the many humorous legends we've devised about it are our way of expressing tacit disapproval of marriage partners who fail to "forsake all others." The lesson of all these legends is clear: Don't cheat, because you won't get away with it. No matter how well you try to cover your tracks, no matter how completely you think you're deceiving your partner, you will get caught. The tales below demonstrate this principle to a tee.

Yellow bullet Adulterous couple discovers their spouses are also having an affair.

White bullet Family dog leads wife to home of husband's mistress.*

Red bullet Bride cancels her wedding after announcing that the groom slept with the maid of honor.*

White bullet Adulterous couple becomes stuck in an automobile during a tryst.*

White bullet Airline promotion reveals husbands' infidelities to their wives.*

White bullet White bride gives birth to black child nine months after her wild bachelorette party.*

White bullet Plumber discovers toilet is clogged with condoms even though the man of the house doesn't use them.*

White bullet Man accompanies secretary to her apartment for a tryst, but the office staff springs a surprise birthday party on him.*

White bullet Man who's tricked into believing he's won the lottery admits to an adulterous affair.*

White bullet Expense account reveals affair between executive and his stenographer.

Yellow bullet E-mailed account tells the real story of Tiger Woods' auto accident.

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