Urban legends about crime and racism.

Another means of reinforcing societal prejudice is through the telling of tales that cast "others" as criminals simply because they belong to a different group or class. Here we collect some common examples.

White bullet Old lady pulls a gun on black men she finds sitting in her car, only to discover once they decamp that it's not her car.*

White bullet Gang members lure little boy into public bathroom and cut off his penis.*

White bullet Burglar's fingers are discovered in choking dog's throat.*

White bullet Robbed honeymooners discover pictures of the burglars with toothbrushes stuffed up their rear ends.

White bullet Male rescuer warns woman of dangerous black man hiding in the back seat of her car.*

White bullet Thieves make off with a stolen bag, only to find it holds a wildcat.*

Red bullet Gang members drive without headlights on, then kill anyone who flashes them.*

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