Urban legends about pregnancy.

We sure do believe some strange things about the manner in which babies are conceived! Women get in the family way merely by swimming or being hit by a bullet. Staggering numbers of couples engage in sex (and ultimately have children) every time a blackout or a blizzard keeps them confined for hours at a time. And don't even mention all the crazy ideas kids believe ...

Red bullet Woman sues pharmacy after eating contraceptive jelly fails to prevent pregnancy.

Red bullet Girl gives birth to octopus (or lizard, frog, fish, or snake).

Red bullet Woman is impregnated with sperm carried by bullet.

Red bullet Girl is impregnated by sperm in swimming pool.

White bullet Town through which early morning train passes has high birth rate.

White bullet Daughter uses mother's birth control pills and replaces them with aspirin.

Red bullet Birth rate in New York City increased nine months after the 1965 blackout.

Green bullet A lawyer left his estate to the woman who gave birth to the most babies within a ten-year period.

White bullet Woman becomes pregnant after using bathwater her son had ejaculated in.

Red bullet Coca-Cola is an effective spermicide.*

White bullet A rammed car leads to pregnancy.

Red bullet A baby born in-flight is given free air travel for the rest of his life.

Red bullet In the days when the "rabbit test" was used to determine if a woman was pregnant, the rabbit's death was an indicator of a positive result.

Red bullet A man who has had an embryo implanted in his abdomen is engaged in the world's first human male pregnancy.

White bullet A mother posted a chiding note after someone drank the "special" milk she left in the refrigerator.

Green bullet Pregnant woman is accused of trying to shoplift a basketball.

White bullet Drug test cheater is caught when urinalysis reveals that he's pregnant.

Red bullet "A girl can't become pregnant if it's her first time," and other conception myths.

White bullet A woman experiencing difficulty conceiving misunderstands her gynecologist's examination instructions.

Red bullet The color change displayed by a mixture of Drano and urine from a pregnant woman will predict the sex of the unborn child.

Red bullet Childless couple discovers the cause of their infertility is a lack of sex.

Green bullet The youngest mother on record was a five-year-old Peruvian girl.

White bullet A compendium of menstrual superstitions.

Red bullet Expectant mother produces growing cascade of guffaws by reseating herself under a series of ads on a bus.

White bullet White bride gives birth to black child nine months after her wild bachelorette party.*

Green bullet An identical twin given to the wrong parents was coincidentally reunited with his brother later in life.

Red bullet Overdue pregnant women induce labor by eating at specific restaurants.

White bullet Second grader acts out birth process as her show-and-tell offering.

Red bullet Viewing a 3D porn film made a gal pregnant.

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