Items about traffic laws and regulations.

Multi-colored bullet The state of Texas has passed a law making it illegal to have a frame or bracket around the license plate on your car.

Green bullet Motorists in a number of U.S. states can be fined for failing to slow down or change lanes when passing parked emergency vehicles.

Multi-colored bullet California law makes it illegal to use windshield wipers when a vehicle's headlights are not on.

Red bullet State police are about to launch a 30-day speeding ticket frenzy.

Green bullet Florida motorists can block the DMV from disclosing their motor vehicle and driver license records.

Red bullet Michigan motorists can be fined for not signing the backs of their car registrations.

Multi-colored bullet By 2008, drivers will have to submit to formal identification checks and have Federal ID#s implanted in their hands.

Red bullet E-mail lists new traffic laws going into effect in 2007 in California (or Texas or Georgia or Florida or Washington).

Red bullet New law going into effect in November 2007 will make it illegal for motorists in Pennsylvania to use cell phones while driving.

Green bullet E-mail lists new California traffic laws taking effect in 2008.

Green bullet Massachusetts is no longer mailing notifications for driver's license renewals.

Multi-colored bullet California is planning to ban black cars in order to curb global warming.

Green bullet Illinois uses photo radar in freeway work zones.

Multi-colored bullet Federal regulations require states to upgrade all street name signs to use mixed case lettering.

Multi-colored bullet List details new California traffic laws and fines taking effect in 2011.

Multi-colored bullet A new law taking effect in 2015 prohibits smoking in cars when children are present.

Red bullet Pennsylvania passed a law banning New Jersey drivers from its highways.

Red bullet The state of New York is requiring residents to have their lawn mowers inspected annually.

Multi-colored bullet Canadian police are ticketing motorists for parking their cars with the windows down.

Multi-colored bullet Drivers in China commonly intentionally kill pedestrians in hit-and-run accidents to minimize legal liability.

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