A collection of political satire.

Red bullet A Facebook user asked whether she could get a prenuptial agreement to protect her welfare benefits.

Red bullet U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld referred to France and Germany as the 'Axis of Weasels.'

Multi-colored bullet Canadian comedian Rick Mercer offered a satirical "truly Canadian apology to the USA" on television.

Red bullet A Corona, California, man sued Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge for emotional distress after duct-taping his "privates."

Red bullet A 1944 Reuters article describes a U.S. administration split over the decision whether to invade Europe.

Red bullet American servicemen buried in France caused an earthquake by "rolling over in their graves."

Red bullet Steven Spielberg is planning to direct a film about the Crusades.

Red bullet Monty Python trouper John Cleese penned a satirical article about the formation of an "Axis of Just as Evil."

Red bullet A 1945 Reuters article describes criticism of President Truman over a deteriorating security situation in occupied Germany.

Red bullet A California man is suing CBS, Janet Jackson, and Justin Timberlake over the breast-baring incident during halftime at Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Red bullet Donald Rumsfeld delivered a stinging rebuke to Senator Ted Kennedy during a Senate committee meeting.

Red bullet A 1944 article describes Republican calls for U.S. forces to be withdrawn from Europe.

Red bullet Study finds that persons of lower intelligence are more likely to support President George W. Bush.

Red bullet An Indiana Congressman is introducing legislation to change the name of Interstate 69.

Red bullet Monty Python member John Cleese penned a satirical piece announcing the revocation of America's independence.

Red bullet The U.S. military is paying high school kids to sign up for future combat duty under a 'pre-enlistment' program.

Red bullet A man committed suicide after inadvertently learning a plot point from a not-yet-released Harry Potter book.

Red bullet The MPAA is lobbying Congress to enact a law making unauthorized home theaters illegal.

Red bullet A 1986 diary entry by President Ronald Reagan described George W. Bush as a "shiftless ne'er-do-well."

Multi-colored bullet Welfare queen decries New Orleans Section 8 housing.

Red bullet The NBA's Doug Christie nearly choked to death when his wife refused to allow a female doctor to assist him.

Red bullet The Obama administration is planning to have military members pledge a loyalty oath directly to the President rather than to the Constitution.

Red bullet The U.S. Congress is considering passage of the "Americans with No Abilities" Act.

Red bullet Firearm ownership will be severely limited for the elderly.

Red bullet The staff of were arrested after a law enforcement raid.

Red bullet The Pittsburgh Steelers will be forced to surrender half their Super Bowl titles to less fortunate teams.

Red bullet Patients on life support died when a San Francisco hospital shut off all its power in observance of Earth Hour.

Red bullet President Obama issued an executive order apologizing to Great Britain for the Declaration of Independence.

Red bullet The job of President of the United States is being outsourced to India.

Red bullet The Obama administration is selling blueprints for the B-2 Stealth Bomber to China in exchange for debt relief.

Red bullet The Rev. Al Sharpton chides Tiger Woods for lack of racial diversity in the mistresses he chose.

Red bullet A bill signed by President Obama mistakenly ceded all of South Dakota to the Sioux.

Red bullet A global warming activist froze to death in Antarctica.

Red bullet The Obama administration is planning to launch an "America Scouts" youth program.

Red bullet Thailand donates 50,000 bottles of whitening skin cream to Haiti.

Red bullet Senator Chris Dodd opined that a 5% downpayment requirement "would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it."

Red bullet Collection reproduces jokes about Democratic politicians by Don Rickles.

Red bullet TSA screener in Denver caught masturbating to images of airline travelers displayed on body scanner.

Red bullet An air traveler was arrested for ejaculating during a TSA patdown.

Red bullet A female mortuary worker was arrested after becoming pregnant by one of the corpses she was preparing for burial.

Red bullet President Obama visited his Chicago home and found it had been foreclosed upon and a new family had moved in.

Multi-status bullet Video clip shows a woman discussing why California is the best state for obtaining public assistance benefits.

Red bullet Three animal rights activists went missing after protesting the use of leather at a motorcycle gang rally.

Red bullet Article reproduces Florida Congressman Allen West's comments about Black History Month.

Red bullet Pink Cross Publishing is about to publish a gay revision of the Bible.

Red bullet Actor Clint Eastwood narrated an anti-Obama "Halftime in America" spot.

Red bullet A commencement speech by the Commanding Officer of Fort Benning touched off riots that killed 11 people.

Red bullet Samsung paid off a $1.05 billion judgment awarded to Apple in a patent infringement lawsuit entirely in nickels.

Red bullet Bill Nye "blasted" Rep. Todd Akin for accusing him of "personally provoking Hurricane Isaac."

Red bullet President Obama's 19-year-old son appeared at the Democratic National Convention.

Red bullet Joe Biden has endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

Red bullet George W. Bush accidentally voted for Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election.

Red bullet Uncounted military absentee ballots delivered after the voting deadline would have won the 2012 presidential election for Mitt Romney.

Red bullet Bill O’Reilly was arrested for assaulting a department store Santa.

Red bullet The Fox News Channel will be shutting down for routine maintenance on 21 January 2013.

Red bullet Ann Coulter refused to stay aboard an airplane piloted by a black woman.

Red bullet The U.S. Army has promoted accused Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan and awarded him the Legion of Merit.

Red bullet Rep. Paul Ryan refused to tip an elderly waiter at a Washington-area restaurant.

Red bullet A North Carolina couple put their 16-year-old daughter up for adoption after leaning she is gay.

Red bullet New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was denied a second slice of pizza at an Italian eatery in Brooklyn.

Red bullet NRA president Jim Porter said that "it’s only a matter of time before we can own colored people again."

Red bullet Chris Brown pays Ariel Castro's bail.

Red bullet Congresswoman Michele Bachmann announced she would leave Minnesota if the state legalized gay marriage.

Red bullet The Nobel Committee has asked President Obama to return his Nobel Peace Prize.

Red bullet Monsanto cucumbers were banned in Nova Scotia after a study found they caused genital baldness.

Red bullet President Obama issued an executive order granting himself a $100,000 pay raise.

Red bullet Pat Robertson said that disobedient wives should be spanked by their husbands.

Red bullet A food writer lapsed into a butter-induced coma after consuming 413 Red Lobster biscuits.

Red bullet Paula Deen has been hired to host a cooking show for Fox News.

Red bullet Paula Deen blamed "Jew executives" for her firing from the Food Network.

Red bullet President Obama told a group of college students not to celebrate the 4th of July.

Red bullet An open microphone caught President Obama making caustic comments about the 4th of July holiday.

Red bullet An ambush near Boston recently killed 72 National Guard troops.

Red bullet George Zimmerman is suing Trayvon Martin's parents for their failure to control their son.

Red bullet George Zimmerman has won a Florida state lottery jackpot.

Red bullet NASA announced that the Curiosity Rover found a message from God on Mars.

Red bullet Arizona is implementing a mandatory school program to help homosexual children become straight.

Red bullet Video clip shows a U.S. Representative putting the "Homeland Terrorist Preparedness Bill" up for vote in Congress.

Red bullet A spoof of terrorist threat levels was written by English comic John Cleese.

Red bullet A Canadian youth soccer league has eliminated the use of a ball from all games and practices.

Red bullet Actor Mel Gibson's daughter has married a Jewish man.

Red bullet President Obama has pardoned and released all the prisoners being held at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

Red bullet The town of DeQuincy, Louisiana, has made twerking illegal.

Red bullet President Obama has suffered a "mental breakdown."

Red bullet The FCC has classified Fox News as "satire" rather than a news source.

Red bullet President Obama has declared November 2013 to be National Muslim Appreciation Month.

Red bullet A new form of STD has been discovered among residents of the city of Portland, Oregon.

Red bullet The Apple iPhone 5s will share user fingerprint data with the FBI and the NSA.

Red bullet Senator Ted Cruz went into a shouting tirade after a Hooters restaurant refused to accept his government expense account credit card.

Red bullet President Obama is using his personal funds to keep the International Museum of Muslim Culture open during the government shutdown.

Red bullet Giant mutant killer hornets created by exposure to radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant have killed several people in Nebraska.

Red bullet The Obama administration has proposed a 2,300-page "New Constitution."

Red bullet Wyoming schools are implanting microchips in students.

Red bullet The federal insurance exchange web site accidentally entered thousands of people into a sex offender registry.

Red bullet Sarah Palin claimed in an interview that Jesus Christ celebrated Easter during his time on Earth.

Red bullet Michele Bachmann is calling for a ban on Halloween because "the holiday is based in Satanism."

Red bullet Dearborn, Michigan, has become the first U.S. city to implement Sharia law.

Red bullet The U.S. government is opening gas stations to distribute free gasoline in poor neighborhoods.

Red bullet Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy announced that the chain would oppose blacks as a marketing ploy.

Red bullet A school in Maryland required children to cross-dress for a "LGBTQ Appreciation Day" event.

Red bullet Texas has passed a law allowing incarcerated sex offenders to be used as subjects for medical experimentation.

Red bullet The Applebee's restaurant chain was driven to bankruptcy after offering free alcohol on Veterans Day.

Red bullet The United States is returning the Statue of Liberty to France.

Red bullet The Bitstrips app is a trojan horse that gives the NSA secret access to personal user information.

Red bullet Sarah Palin said that "Thanksgiving is for real Americans and not Indians."

Red bullet A 93-year-old woman shot and killed one of a group of thugs who were attempting to make her a "knockout game" victim.

Red bullet 42 million people were killed over Thanksgiving weekend in violent incidents stemming from shoppers competing for "Black Friday" bargains.

Red bullet A woman killed three shoppers at a Chicago WalMart in order to snare that store's last Xbox for herself.

Red bullet Kanye West proclaimed: "I am the next Nelson Mandela."

Red bullet Pope Francis declared at the Third Vatican Council that "all religions are true."

Red bullet Michael Jordan was robbed of his shoes at gunpoint during an in-store sneaker signing appearance.

Red bullet In March 2005, investigators discovered the corpse of Michael Jackson buried at his Neverland Ranch, more than four years before he was reported dead.

Red bullet Dozens of people died of marijuana overdoses on the first day of legalization in Colorado.

Red bullet President Obama issued an executive order to replace the U.S. flag with one of a more "progressive and diverse" design.

Red bullet A store in Colorado accepts food stamps towards the purchase of food items containing marijuana.

Red bullet A gigantic squid has washed ashore along the California coastline.

Red bullet Phillip Morris has announced the introduction of Marlboro M brand marijuana cigarettes.

Red bullet The "Affordable Golf Club Act" requires all U.S. residents to purchase a new set of golf clubs before April 2014.

Red bullet Blake Griffin smacked around Justin Bieber at a Hollywood Starbucks outlet.

Red bullet A 200-million-year old dinosaur egg recently hatched in a Berlin museum.

Red bullet George Zimmerman accidentally shot and killed himself while loading a gun.

Red bullet NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon announced that he is in a relationship with another male racecar driver.

Red bullet George Zimmerman sold his painting of Trayvon Martin for $30,000 at an online auction.

Red bullet The NCAA is investigating the use of "skill enhancing drugs" by the 2014 champion UConn Huskies men's basketball team.

Red bullet Kansas legislators are considering a bill that would force the science show COSMOS off the air in that state.

Red bullet The Hobby Lobby chain fired an employee for divorcing her husband without company approval.

Red bullet Singer Patti Labelle was arrested after attacking Aretha Franklin at an Atlanta concert.

Red bullet Actor Leonardo DiCaprio will portray Martin Luther King in an upcoming film.

Red bullet New York Jets quarterback Michael Vick was attacked by a stray pitbull.

Red bullet Congress has introduced a bill requiring military veterans to inform their neighbors about their combat service.

Red bullet The American Psychiatric Association has classified the taking of 'selfies' as a mental disorder.

Red bullet A Chinese coal miner was recently found alive in an abandoned mine 17 years after he had been trapped inside it by an earthquake.

Red bullet Barack Obama has announced that he is running for a third term as President.

Red bullet Sarah Palin said Malaysia Flight 370 may have disappeared "because it mistakenly flew too high and ended up in heaven."

Red bullet Scientists have discovered that solar panels drain the sun's energy.

Red bullet A franchise owner has been granted permission to open a whites-only Arby's restaurant in Florida.

Red bullet The Kenyan government has released "11 exclusive documents" suggesting that Barack Obama was born in that country.

Red bullet Charles Manson has been granted parole and will soon be released from prison.

Red bullet President Obama has signed a bill forgiving all student loans taken out within the last ten years.

Red bullet The FBI is investigating the possible rigging of the 2014 Super Bowl.

Red bullet A study recently revealed that one out of every three Americans has been implanted with an RFID microchip.

Red bullet President Obama has ordered the removal of the words 'In God We Trust' from all U.S. currency.

Red bullet The state of Ohio has replaced lethal injection with a head-ripping machine as a form of execution.

Red bullet A Hobby Lobby store manager executed a gay employee by stoning.

Red bullet The Disciples of the New Dawn are a legitimate Facebook group.

Red bullet The government is making adult vaccination mandatory.

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