Urban legends about politics.

Political issues and persons of the day.
The Arts The Arts
Politics and the arts.
Medical Medical
Medical issues.
The Ballot Box The Ballot Box
Ballots and elections.
Military Military
Military issues.
George W. Bush George W. Bush
George W. Bush.
Barack Obama Barack Obama
Barack Obama.
Business Business
Politics and business.
Sarah Palin Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin.
Christmas Christmas
Politics and Christmas.
Postage Stamps Postage Stamps
Politics and postage stamps.
Bill and Hillary Clinton Bill and Hillary Clinton
Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Quotes Quotes
Quotes by and about politicians and newsmakers.
Crime Crime
Religion Religion
Gasoline Gasoline
Pain at the pump.
Politicians Politicians
Other assorted U.S. politicians.
>Rick Santorum Rick Santorum
Rick Santorum.
Satire Satire
The pointed way of making a point.
Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina.
Sexuality Sexuality
Gay and straight talk.
Humor Humor
Electioneering side splitters.
Soapbox Soapbox
Pound the podium.
Immigration Immigration
Coming to America.
Social Security Social Security
Social Security.
Israel Israel
Taxes Taxes
John Kerry John Kerry
John Kerry.
Traffic Traffic
Traffic laws.
John McCain John McCain
John McCain.
War/Anti-War War/Anti-War
Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi.
Guns Guns
No butter.
Science Science
It blinded me.
Mitt Romney Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney.
Ted Cruz Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz.
Conspiracy Theories Conspiracy Theories
Conspiracy Theories.
Education Education
What happens in school doesn't stay in school.

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