Kissing Bug

A photograph showing Barack Obama in a romantic embrace with British prime minister David Cameron is a fabricated image.

Claim: Photograph shows Barack Obama kissing British prime minister David Cameron.


Example: [Collected via e-mail, April 2013]

I found this picture on facebook of Obama kissing a man that looks like it could be Gore. What are your thoughts as to if it is a real

Origin:This photograph purportedly showing U.S. President Barack Obama kissing UK Prime Minister David Cameron (who somewhat resembles former U.S. Vice President Al Gore) on the mouth was widely circulated on the Internet in April 2013. However, it originated back in May 2011 as part of a spoof article ("Barack Obama and David Cameron Kissing with Tongues") published on the satirical ChristWire web site and is a digital manipulation produced by combining elements from a photograph of Barack Obama sharing an affectionate moment with his wife, Michelle, with one capturing the British prime minister in a similar pose with his wife, Samantha:

Last updated: 25 May 2016

Originally published: 01 April 2013

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