A collection of political pieces about guns.

Multi-status bullet A bill before Congress would prohibit ownership of handguns by those who have not obtained firearm licenses.

Multi-status bullet Account describes Darrell Scott's statement before a House subcommittee on crime.

Multi-status bullet The Department of Defense has cut off sales of spent cartridge cases to U.S. ammunition manufacturers.

Multi-status bullet Memo issued to soldiers at Fort Campbell requires them to provide information on privately owned weapons.

Multi-status bullet The state of Montana passed a law nullifying federal authority to regulate guns in that state.

Red bullet A bill currently before Congress would require that all handgun owners list their guns on federal income tax returns.

Multi-status bullet A U.N. small arms treaty signed by the U.S. provides a "legal way around the 2nd Amendment."

Multi-status bullet A longtime anti-gun advocate state legislator shot an intruder in defense of his property.

Red bullet George Soros is buying up firearms manufacturers through an outfit called the Freedom Group.

Green bullet A 71-year-old former Marine broke up an armed robbery at a Subway sandwich shop in Florida.

Red bullet Medicare regulations require that doctors ask patients whether they own guns.

Multi-status bullet Bank of America has declined to continue doing business with a firearms manufacturer.

Red bullet Image contrasts radically different gun laws and homicide rates in Honduras and Switzerland.

Multi-status bullet The Social Security Administration is buying ammunition as preparation for civil unrest.

Red bullet The U.S. Ambassador to Egpyt prevented Marines stationed at the U.S. embassy in Cairo from carrying live ammunition.

Multi-status bullet Various rumors connected with the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Red bullet More homicides in the U.S. are committed with baseball bats than with firearms.

Red bullet Article tracks mass killings occurring after the implementation of gun control laws.

Green bullet Text reproduces former president George H.W. Bush's 1995 letter of resignation as a Life Member of the NRA.

Green bullet The Journal News published a map showing the home addresses of handgun permit holders in two New York counties.

Green bullet An off-duty sheriff's officer apprehended a gunman by shooting him in a San Antonio movie theater.

Yellow bullet Account by Kitty Werthmann describes the German takeover of Austria.

Red bullet An advertisement by the Brady Campaign contrasts rape with gun murders.

Green bullet Carolyn Gudger, a school resource officer at Sullivan Central High School, held a gunman at bay until police arrived and shot him.

Red bullet Wyoming passed a law banning enforcement of federal gun laws.

Green bullet Ronald Reagan once said that "an AK-47 is not a sporting weapon nor needed for home defense."

Red bullet Video documents that the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School were a staged hoax.

Red bullet GEICO cancelled an automobile insurance policy because the policyholder works in the weapons industry.

Yellow bullet A New York man was arrested for carrying ammunition magazines that were banned under a law not yet enacted.

Yellow bullet NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre was disqualified from the draft due to a psychological condition.

Red bullet The Dick Act passed in 1903 "invalidates all gun control laws" in the U.S.

Green bullet Mark Kelly purchased an AR-15 rifle the day after testifying to Colorado legislators about the need for additional gun control measures.

Green bullet The Dalai Lama said, "If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun."

Red bullet Senator Dianne Feinstein said that "All vets are mentally ill and the government should prevent them from owning firearms."

Green bullet A high school student named Cole Withrow was expelled for accidentally leaving an unloaded shotgun in his car.

Red bullet Document announces the creation of a United Nations UNODA "Civilian Weapons Confiscation Study Group."

Red bullet President Obama has required that ammunition cartridges use primer that expires after one year.

Green bullet FSU student Jason Derfuss survived a shooting in Strozier Library after a bullet intended for him pierced a book in his bag.

Multi-status bullet An anti-gun group produced a PSA that encourages children to steal weapons from their parents.

green bullet Actor Liam Neeson is a gun control advocate.

green bullet Actor Matthew McConaughey owns a ranch in Texas that sells canned hunts.

Multi-status bullet The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms planned to ban "green tip" ammunition due to executive action by President Obama.

Red bullet The NRA banned guns at their national convention.

Multi-status bullet Tim McGraw is playing an anti-gun concert.

green bullet Water gun fights are not allowed by the Boy Scouts of America.

Multi-status bullet Umpqua Community College was a gun-free zone when nine people were fatally shot there in October 2015.

Multi-status bullet A Colorado church shooting was stopped by an armed member of the congregation.

Multi-status bullet A school shooter in Pearl, Mississippi, was stopped by an assistant principal with a gun.

Green bullet More preschoolers are fatally shot each year than police officers.


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