A collection of pieces about the oil industry and gasoline prices.

Red bullet Boycotting a couple of gasoline brands (Mobil and Exxon) will bring overall gas prices down.

Red bullet Participating in a 1- or 3-day "gas out" on April 15 2012 will help bring the retail price of gasoline down.

Red bullet Spurning gasoline from Shell, Chevron, Texaco, Exxon, and Mobil will cut off the funding of terrorists.

Red bullet Signing a petition to President Bush will help lower gasoline prices.

Red bullet Hess Oil does not buy product from Middle Eastern countries because it is "owned by a Jewish family."

Multi-colored bullet Various rumors about the effect of Hurricane Katrina on gasoline supplies and prices.

Red bullet Consumers' buying only a few gallons of gas at a time will bring down the price of gasoline.

Multi-colored bullet E-mail urges boycotting Citgo brand gasoline over remarks by Venezuela president Hugo Chávez.

Yellow bullet E-mail from tugboat sailor claims thousands of barges have been left loaded with unsold fuel in order to create shortages and drive up the price of gasoline.

Multi-colored bullet Truckers are poised to strike over rising fuel prices.

Multi-colored bullet E-mail reports account of customer being cheated by a malfunctioning gas pump.

Red bullet All the crude oil produced in Alaska is sold and shipped to Japan.

Multi-colored bullet E-mail reports the truth about the environmental impact of drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

Multi-colored bullet E-mail criticizes U.S. environmental regulations on the oil industry.

Multi-colored bullet E-mail provides facts about untapped oil reserves in the Bakken Formation.

Multi-colored bullet Analysis demonstrates the "Cash for Clunkers" program to be an inefficient economic trade-off.

Multi-colored bullet President Obama signed an executive order to lend $2 billion to a Brazilian oil company, with no financial gain for the U.S.

Red bullet Chevron has denied accommodation to Louisiana National Guard helicopters battling the Gulf oil spill.

Multi-colored bullet President Obama told U.S. consumers that they should "get used to" higher gas prices and "trade your car in for an energy efficient car."

Multi-colored bullet The use of E15 gasoline can damage engines and/or void warranties of car models older than 2012.

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