Conspiracy Theories

A collection of political conspiracy theories.

Multi-status bullet President Obama is purging military leaders who will not agree to fire on U.S. citizens.

Multi-status bullet A truck's cargo of road signs revealed a government plot to impose martial law.

Multi-status bullet Rumors and conspiracy theories associated with the Boston Marathon bombing.

Multi-status bullet A cyber-security bill passed by Congress will violate constitutional protections.

Red bullet President Obama has threatened 14 state governors with arrest for forming State Defense Forces.

Red bullet Russian president Vladimir Putin threatened the U.S. over the Obama administration's support of Monsanto.

Red bullet The U.S. has purchased a stockpile of 30,000 guillotines.

Red bullet Russian military forces will be providing security at large events in the U.S.

Red bullet An Associated Press news article about the Washington Navy Yard shootings was dated the day prior to the events it described.

Red bullet The federal government is planning to eliminate 16 states from the U.S.

Red bullet Flurry of activity in FEMA region 3 indicates "something big is coming."

Red bullet Pentagon sources issued a warning to Russian officials to expect a "radical change" in the U.S. government soon.

Red bullet President Obama fired several military officers for disobeying his order to destroy Charleston as part of a "false flag" attack.

Red bullet FEMA is marking mailboxes with colored stickers to indicate the disposition of residents in the New World Order.

Red bullet A series of underground atomic explosions have taken place at the crippled nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan.

Red bullet The Obama administration has ordered $1 billion worth of disposable coffin liners for use in FEMA camps.

Red bullet The Obama administration plans to displace thousands of Montana residents to give their land over to Native Americans.

Red bullet Fake, chemical-laden plastic snow has been falling on the U.S.

Red bullet The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad blew up Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Red bullet Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was made to disappear so one party could gain control of a multiply-owned patent.

Red bullet Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was captured by the U.S. Navy.

Red bullet A passenger on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 hid his cell phone in his rectum and used it to post a picture to the Internet after the flight was hijacked and its passengers imprisoned.

Red bullet The federal government is preventing Volkswagen's XL1 model car from being sold in the U.S. because it the vehicle is too fuel-efficient.

Red bullet Senator Harry Reid and a Chinese company building a solar plant are behind a standoff between federal agents and a Nevada rancher.

Multi-colored bullet The U.S. dollar will officially collapse on 1 July 2014 due to the implementation of H.R. 2847.

Red bullet The U.S. government is planning to implement mandatory Ebola vaccinations for all residents.

Red bullet Residents of Ghana discovered that Ebola does not exist and only people who received Red Cross shots have been sickened.

Multi-colored bullet A mysterious convoy of tractor trailer trucks was spotted in Virginia.

Red bullet The government is arresting Facebook users for posting anti-Obama content to Facebook under an initiative known as "Operation Vigilant Eagle."

Multi-colored bullet Ferguson protests were all planned and organized by Communists, as proved by their identifiable and professionally printed signs.

Multi-colored bullet Sandy Hook shooting victim Noah Pozner was pictured among the victims of a 2014 school massacre in Pakistan.

Green bullet The web address ("Illuminati" spelled backwards) points to the website of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Red bullet A Muslim terrorist disguised in a burqa was killed trying to hijack a plane in Ohio, and the media purposely did not report the foiled plan.

Red bullet The United States government was tried and convicted of the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr., but the mainstream media refused to report it.

Red bullet A leaked Pentagon video revealed a government plot to vaccinate people against thoughts, ideas, and religion.

Red bullet A fan's tweets verified that the results of the 2014-15 NFL season and Super Bowl were rigged.

Red bullet A round-up of conspiracy theories surrounding the sudden closure of several WalMart stores across the U.S.

Red bullet The seven astronauts supposedly killed in the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger explosion are quietly living out their lives in the U.S.

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