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Home --> Politics --> Bill & Hillary Clinton

Bill & Hillary Clinton

Ratings Key

        Green bullet = true
        Red bullet = false
        Multiple status bullet = multiple truth values
        Yellow bullet = undetermined
        White bullet = unclassifiable veracity

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definition of our rating system.

Red bullet Hillary Clinton was named after famed mountain climber Sir Edmund Hillary.

White bullet Soon after the Clintons moved into the White House, Hillary threw a lamp at her husband in a fit of rage.

Red bullet The Clintons are charging rent to the Secret Service agents assigned to protect them.

Red bullet New York Senator Hillary Clinton refused to meet with a delegation of Gold Star mothers.*

Yellow bullet A former Secret Service agent gives his unvarnished opinion of the Clinton, Gore, and Bush families.

Yellow bullet A KFC outlet in New York advertised a 'Hillary Special.'

Red bullet Hillary Clinton helped free two Black Panthers accused of torturing and murdering Alex Rackley.

Red bullet Democrats and the Clinton administration received more campaign contributions from Enron and were more accommodating of Enron's lobbying efforts than Republicans and the Bush administration.

Red bullet Clinton administration failed to track down the perpetrators of several terrorist attacks against Americans.*

Red bullet Bill Clinton has been quietly doing away with those who oppose him.

Red bullet Distant relative of Hillary Clinton (or Al Gore) was a horse thief or train robber.

Red bullet Native Americans dubbed Hillary Clinton "Walking Eagle."*

Red bullet While President, Bill Clinton ordered the firing of half of Colorado's cattle guards.

Multi-colored bullet Bill Clinton said of Richard Nixon: "Yes, the President should resign. He has lied to the American people."*

Red bullet Marines surreptitiously failed to salute President Clinton throughout his eight years in office.

Green bullet Photo shows soldier shaking hands with Hillary Clinton while crossing his fingers.*

Yellow bullet Photos show Bill Clinton (or George W. Bush) peering through binoculars with lens caps still in place.*

Red bullet Bill Clinton was the "first pardoned felon ever to serve as President of the U.S."

Multi-colored bullet Hillary Clinton's 2003 Thanksgiving visit forced U.S. troops in Afghanistan to wait for their holiday dinner.

Multi-colored bullet E-mail reproduces various statements made by Hillary Clinton.

Multi-colored bullet E-mail reproduces various "Marxist" statements made by Hillary Clinton.

Red bullet Hillary Clinton stamp fails to stick because wrong side is being spit upon.*

White bullet E-mail posits a "Bill and Hillary Clinton" presidency.

Red bullet The pastor of the church attended by the Clintons was convicted of child molestation.

Green bullet The father of Chelsea Clinton's husband is a former congressman who pled guilty to fraud charges.

Red bullet President Bill Clinton issued an executive order disarming soldiers on military bases.

Red bullet Statement reproduces Hillary Clinton's response when asked to identify her major accomplishments as Secretary of State.

Red bullet Jerry Zeifman fired 27-year-old Hillary Clinton from the Watergate investigation.

Green bullet Hillary Rodham failed her 1973 attempt to pass the Washington, D.C., bar exam.
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