A collection of political pieces about Christmas.

Green bullet The 2003 "Christmas Field Guide" issued by clothiers Abercrombie & Fitch included nude and sexually suggestive photographs of young models.

Multi-colored bullet A Christian group called for a boycott of Wal-Mart after the mega-retailer instructs employees to say "Happy Holidays" in place of "Merry Christmas."

Multi-colored bullet Target banned use of the phrase "Merry Christmas" in its stores and promotional material.

Red bullet E-mail proposes an effective scheme for overwhelming the ACLU's operations with Christmas cards.

Green bullet The Best Buy chain is eschewing use of the word "Christmas" in their 2006 holiday advertising.

Red bullet Walter Reed Hospital will accept Christmas cards addressed to "A Recovering American Soldier."

Green bullet Americans can send holiday cards to service members and veterans through the "Holiday Mail for Heroes" program.

Green bullet A 2007 Lowe's holiday catalog advertised Christmas trees as "family trees."

Red bullet Santa's 'Ho Ho Ho' has been changed to 'Ha Ha Ha' in Australia because women felt insulted by the original phrase.

Red bullet The Home Depot web site includes no mention of Christmas.

Red bullet The White House has decreed that its 2011 Christmas trees will be referred to as "Holiday trees" and will not display ornaments bearing religious themes.

Green bullet A Thanksgiving 2009 advertising circular issued by Best Buy wished readers a "Happy Eid al-Adha."

Red bullet Facebook is barring users from posting images of nativity scenes.

Red bullet Christmas lights have been banned in Cardwell, Australia, due to complaints from Muslim residents.

Red bullet A fourth-grade student was suspended for saying 'Merry Christmas' to his teacher.

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