Solar Eclipse from Space

Image shows a photograph of a solar eclipse taken from space?

Claim:   Image shows a photograph of a solar eclipse taken from space.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, May 2012]

I refuse to believe this image of the eclipse is real, as much as I wish it were. Not that it couldn't be real. It can. I've seen plenty of photos of eclipses taken from space, but this one is just too awesome to be real.

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Origins:   The image displayed above was circulated as a photograph taken from space (via the International Space Station) of a 20 May 2012 solar eclipse visible from North America. It's not a photograph of that event, however, or a photograph at all. It's a work of Digital/3-Dimensional Art that was posted to the DeviantART web site back in 2009.

Last updated:   21 May 2012

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