Signs of the Times

Photographs, pictures, and other images of amusing and humorous signs.

Red bullet The University of Toronto is conducting a study regarding the effects of semen on human speech and is paying male volunteers $145 each to receive fellatio.

Green bullet Austria is home to a town called Fucking.

Green bullet Epitaph on a headstone in a Montreal cemetery forms an unflattering acrostic.

Red bullet Photograph shows third-world protesters with mistranslated English signs.

Green bullet Aftermath of Hurricane Charley reveals message from God on billboard.

Red bullet Photograph shows headstone marking the grave of lawyer Johnnie Cochran.

Green bullet Farmer expresses dissatisfaction with crop prices by carving a message in his grain field.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows a Kern County Sheriff's car with an unusual decal.

Red bullet Photograph shows an advisory sign explaining priority seating for Japanese metro train passengers.

Green bullet Newspaper photograph shows a pregnant, cigarette-smoking woman worrying about the effect of construction noise on her unborn child.

Yellow bullet Photograph shows an unintentionally humorous warning sign placed on an out-of-service printer.

Red bullet Photograph shows bulletin warning London Underground travelers not to run on the platforms or concourses.

Green bullet Photograph shows a Chicago Bears fan holding a crude sign at the 2006-07 NFC championship game.

Green bullet Photographs show a gravesite adorned with a parking meter reading "TIME EXPIRED."

Red bullet Photographs show a church sign debate over whether dogs go to heaven.

Red bullet Photograph shows an ATM sign which warns users that making faces into a security camera is a federal crime.

Green bullet News report shows Martin Luther King Day celebrants holding misspelled signs.

Green bullet A plaque made for a 2002 Martin Luther King Day celebration mistakenly thanked James Earl Ray, King's assassin.

Red bullet Photograph shows Arizona billboard poking fun at Los Angeles' decision to boycott that state over illegal immigrant legislation.

Green bullet Photographs show an 1890 gravestone with an anti-Democratic epitaph.

Green bullet Photograph shows a store advertising "Delicious for Chanukah" hams.

Green bullet Photograph shows the gravestone of actor Leslie Nielsen.

Green bullet Photograph shows a grocery receipt for steak and lobster purchased with food stamps.

Red bullet Photograph shows an express lane sign that illustrates the item limit.

Red bullet Billboard sponsored by the Funeral Directors Association urges viewers to commit suicide.

Yellow bullet Image shows a McDonald's sign warning about the dangers of acrylamide.

Red bullet Image shows a McDonald's sign announcing a $1.50 surcharge on African-American customers.

Red bullet A Rite Aid store posted a sign prohibiting "same-sex activity."

Red bullet Photograph shows a McDonald's sign expressing support for Chick-fil-A.

Green bullet Photograph shows playground warning sign with more restrictive wording in Spanish than in English.

Green bullet Image shows a fourth-grade science test from a South Carolina school.

Red bullet Letter from school offers to allow students to make monetary donations to offset inattendance and poor grades.

Red bullet Image shows a racially contradictory sign imploring that everyone be treated equally.

Red bullet Photograph shows a sign bearing an ominous threat from the "Advancement of Islamic Agenda for America."

Red bullet A "Welcome To Idaho" sign warns potential criminals about gun owning citizens.

Red bullet Photograph shows a Westboro Baptist Church sign that says "Ted Cruz Is Our Hero."

Green bullet Photograph shows a 419.99 mile-marker sign along I-70 in Colorado.

Multi-status bullet Photograph shows a billboard put up in Baltimore condemning the lack of municipal support for police.

Red bullet A sign from 1972 warned drivers in Ireland not to drive after having five pints of beer.

Red bullet Hooters has banned motorcycle club colors from all of their locations.

Red bullet A "Welcome To Amsterdam" sign includes an insulting message to overweight people.

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